About the Wine Research Centre

The Wine Research Centre has led wine research and education at UBC for more than two decades. In more recent years, a reimagining of the centre through an innovative collaboration between the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Management, paved the way for the creation of a dual-campus centre headquartered on the Okanagan campus.

Working across both campuses, we conduct cutting-edge research in enology, viticulture, management, and social sciences; provide academic and extended education and engage with industry and communities on the challenges of wine territory development. Part of the Social Economic Change Laboratory (SE-CHANGE), we have interdisciplinary connections in research, teaching and learning across the UBC community and beyond.

We are dedicated to fostering cooperation between academic institutions, the wine industry sector, and communities around the world in a way that encourages growth with integrity and inclusivity. Our ethos is one of rigorous curiosity and open-minded collaboration while pursuing excellence in all that we do.

Most wine regions have the will to be internationally recognized but few have the will to do what it takes. Knowledge, sense of community, good practices and preservation are essential for long-term quality development. In the field, as well as in the wine markets, the WRC is committed to supporting a sustainable and effective wine industry.”

– Jacques-Olivier Pesme, Director, Wine Research Centre

People of the WRC

Jacques-Olivier Pesme

Jacques-Olivier Pesme

Director, Wine Research Centre

Dr. Jacques-Olivier Pesme is the Director of the Wine Research Center at the University of British Columbia (Canada) and Professor in wine business at the University of Adelaide (Australia). His fields of research include wine region competitiveness, wine trade, strategy and sustainability. Dr. Pesme’s extensive expertise in wine regions around the world informs his collaborative approach to bringing diverse academic and industry leaders together to address the most pressing challenges of the wine industry.

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Simone Castellarin

Simone Castellarin

Associate Director, Wine Research Centre; Associate Professor

Dr. Castellarin’s research focuses on viticulture and grapevine physiology. In particular, it considers the physiological and molecular aspects that underlay fruit ripening and the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites, and how they are modulated by the environment and viticultural practices. The Castellarin laboratory has a robust partnership with top scientists in the field of viticulture, grapevine physiology and applied genomics in North America and Europe.

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Meet the multidisciplinary team of faculty, staff, students, and visiting scholars who engage community and industry partners in grape and wine industry research and education.

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