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On August 29th, @UBC Vancouver’s Dr. Simone Castellarin and Dr. Rickey Yada hosted the visit with the Director of the International Organization of Vine and Wine, his Chief of staff, and French Consul general Nicolas Baudouin.

UBCO team examines the roots of great wine tourism

CBC Radio: 12th of August with Dr. Jacques-Olivier Pesme and Chris Walker on daybreak south. The fires in the wine growing region of Bordeaux.

Wine Sector Co-op Specialization

UBCO’s Interdisciplinary Co-op welcomed students from both Vancouver and Okanagan campuses early this year for its first in-person module Introduction to the BC Wine Sector. Learn more about the Wine Sector Co-op Specialization: https://coop.ok.ubc.ca/wine/

UBC hosts international event to discuss climate change and the wine industry

Wine grapes are particularly sensitive to drastic changes in temperatures. Even minor weather variations can jeopardize flavour and aroma development, making wine production vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Elizabeth Wolkowich photo

How wildfires are tainting grapes with smoke and threatening the wine industry

Fires can destroy vines and other vineyard infrastructure, such as the vine posts or irrigation systems, but even distant fires pose a risk to wine grapes, due to a phenomenon known as smoke taint. Smoke taint refers to the undesirable ashy, smoky aroma of wines produced from grapes exposed to wildfire smoke while ripening.

  • Does identity matter for the BC wine-producing territory?
    While many people may have an image of what the Okanagan wine region looks like, researchers at UBC’s Wine Research Centre (WRC) say there is a lot more to the identity of a wine region and the wider territory than what many might think.
  • Wine Vision 2040
    Wine Vision 2040, an online conference the UBC Wine Research Centre hosted June 25th, 2020, brought together leading wine leaders, communities, and researchers from around the world and attracted registrants from more than 30 countries with 221 attendees for an engaging conversation on the future of wine.
  • UBC Okanagan uncorks new Wine Research Centre headquarters
    The renowned wine region of BC’s Okanagan Valley now boasts a new research hub, as UBC shifts the headquarters of its acclaimed Wine Research Centre (WRC) from its Vancouver campus to its Kelowna-based campus.