New research funding addresses ‘Wine Production and Climate Change’

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing agriculture. Solutions to current climate-change induced problems, and rapidly approaching future problems, will require a diverse, interdisciplinary, and strategic plan for each of our agricultural sectors. Through new funding from UBC’s Research Excellence Clusters initiative 2023-2024, researchers will bring together their diverse areas of expertise to provide a platform for collaboration with a common interest in wine production and climate change. The project titled ‘Wine Production and Climate Change’ is expected to define novel strategies that address the impact of climate change on wine production and also provide broad knowledge applicable to other agricultural systems.

Cluster Leads: Vivien Measday and Simone Castellarin

One response to “New research funding addresses ‘Wine Production and Climate Change’”

  1. Garth Heavenor

    Strange conclusion of possible growing grapes further north when this last winter has killed 50% of the less hardy / good for flavour grape vines. I’m questioning- could this be the start of the END of winery business in the Okanagan. Say we get a good week or two weeks of -30 with climate changing – the hardier grapes don’t have as good of flavour.

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