The UBC Wine Research Centre workshops offer the opportunity for wineries, growers, industry organizations, and regional associations to discuss relevant topics for the BC wine territory, share experiences and views, and translate new knowledge into meaningful action.

Since 2015, our workshops provide an invaluable space for connecting people from the industry where they live and in this way, creating an opportunity to be in the field together, within each of the regions and sub-regions of the BC wine territory. Our priority is to be inclusive and engage with all levels of experience, independent of any membership or size of organization—this is central to the success of our workshops and we encourage diversity in perspectives and free expression of ideas to nurture outcomes that will make a difference.

The workshops are part of an ongoing series of WRC activities including the Wine Leaders Forum, town halls, seminars, public talks, exhibitions, task forces, and surveys – that collectively reinforce industry cooperation.

We encourage you to participate in future workshops and share your unique perspective so that we can move forward collaboratively to support a successful BC wine industry.

Past Workshops

We have held workshops across all of the wine regions in the BC wine territory and covered a wide variety of topics since 2015. We have influenced change in the industry as a result and published a number of reports which are available to the public.

Labelling Report

The Task Force on Labelling and Presentation, as part of the Wine Industry Collaboration project, Position the British Columbia Wine Industry for International Growth, was established with support by Western Economic Diversification Canada. Over the course of a year, the task force engaged with industry stakeholders to provide recommendations about labelling and label architecture, including the specification of origin on labelling, for all wines that are produced by wineries in BC, both those containing 100% BC grown grapes and others, for the purposes of growing international and domestic markets.

BC Wine Territory Identity Report

This report outlines our activities to date, introduces the idea of identity, discusses its importance for wine regions, analyzes findings, recommends actions for wineries, growers, industry organizations and regional associations.

Exploring Identity in the BC Wine Region Report

This report is produced by the Innovation School at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA). We partnered with GSA to create and deliver participatory workshops in November 2017, and we included a full-day workshop on identity as part of the 2018 Wine Leaders Forum. These workshops stimulated thinking about aspects of identity, including terroir, authenticity, expression, and the overall narrative presented by the BC wine territory.

Upcoming Workshops

The next workshops will take place in winter 2021. Please check back for details.

If you’d like to express an interest in attending, please contact:

Cynthia Mandelbaum
Associate Director, Industry Partnerships & Alumni Development

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